At Alarm Alliance a satisfied customer is our greatest asset! Thank you for the opportunity to help protect what you treasure most!!! 

In these photos we have some of our valued business clients. Click on the captions below the pictures to visit their websites! 

"Larry always goes above and beyond to make us feel comfortable using our system!"
 - Gary of Magalia, CA

"Family security--I like it. I would trust my family with Alarm Alliance Northern California!"
 - Don of Paradise, CA

"We at Hair Medley opted after 29 years in business in Magalia to purchase an alarm system. Alarm Alliance is a local to Magalia, and Hair Medley has always believed that businesses on the ridge are more customer-oriented. We have received wonderful service from Alarm Alliance. The installation was smooth, the learning process was just as easy. Larry and Barb have been very attentive to our needs, and we would recommend Alarm Alliance highly."
 - Judy at Hair Medley of Magalia, CA

"Larry Taylor installed my alarm system. He was very professional and knowledgeable  He walked  me through the workings of the system and answered all of my questions and made sure I understood how it worked. Larry was always helpful whenever I contacted him with questions. Larry is a person with a lot of integrity."
 - Evelyn of Magalia, CA

"Larry Taylor installed my security system for me a few years ago and did a superb job. I would recommend him for anybody! He was very courteous and professional."
- Joan of Magalia, CA


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